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miracast push simple multi-screen interactive trea
Click:3618 Date:2013/9/17 1:30:10
Miracast users can enjoy browsing on the big screen TV smart phone photographs taken by the real-time sharing conference 

room projector laptop screen, or on a tablet to watch home TV set-top boxes for live broadcasts. Miracast via Wi-Fi 

CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct connection is formed, so no access to any Wi-Fi network - Miracast Certified devices have internal 


1, can be used as conference presentations PPT, the push treasure connected TV or projector without the need for an 

external network, you can put the phone / tablet computer inside the PPT / video / pictures, etc. pushed to the TV / 

projector Demos.

   2, if the Tablet PC / Mobile Watch a funny video or TV series, only one person sharing. Push push treasure using your 

TV / projector, it is more fun to share with everyone.

   3, to play games on the phone, the screen is not a small point? Using miracast, you can direct the phone to push the 

game screen TV / projector, enjoy on the big screen to play games.
   4, if the car has a display with an HDMI input, you can also connect with the car display, the mobile navigation or 

video, other information pushed to the car display.

There are many more features, experience to know. . .

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