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Why Choose An Android Smart TV Box?
Click:949 Date:2016/4/26 14:48:27

  There are many reasons that you may want to choose an android platform for your Smart TV solution but in my opinion them main one is covered in this blog. 

  Android is an open source platform which allows developers the freedom to really explore the limits and provide services that other platforms,  let's just say "IFruit" for now, can't or more correctly WON'T allow due to strict rules so they can control the content and maximise the profit, Keerrrrching!

  Now having said that, there are Pro's and Con's of open source, the main one can be, that there is a lot less "Quality Control". But once we get past this issue we can see that open source is a fertile breading ground for fresh ideas. One of these ideas XBMC has been developed using the open source agreement.

 XBMC has changed the face of media streaming completely, it's competitors like the "iFruit" TV, Kindle Fire all use DRM to ensure that you only use the content they provide.......for a price, Keerrrching!!

Well no more! XBMC to the rescue. Once you see what you can do with you brand new Celtic Droid TV box i can assure you, you will see the wood from the apples!

  I must admit that I used to be an "iFruit" fanboy, but not any more, they have lost the cutting edge that made them the No1 for so many years and Android has capitalised on this and is in my view now setting the trend for the market.

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