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What is an Android TV Player?
Click:959 Date:2016/4/16 21:55:53
Android TV players – also known as media streaming players – are in effect powerful PC’s with hardware and software dedicated to video and audio processing.

Most android TV players on the market come loaded with only the operating system and some standard apps pre-installed. You would need to be a real techie to figure out how to work them! Often these boxes lie idle after the purchaser gives up in frustration but more often only manage to unleash a small percentage of their true capability.

What we offer you is completely different. We have provided a simple to use Easystream menu which makes accessing the entertainment features intuitive and easy to navigate. You quickly tailor the box to your own viewing needs. We are certain you will be up and running in minutes.

We source our hardware from one of the most respected manufacturers of Android TV’s in the world. The open source movement on the internet provides a team of the very best software developers for android TV’s. This combination allows us to provide a stable and reliable service. Behind the scenes, a team is dedicated to ensure a seamless service to you. And when you buy a box from us you have free access to this service.
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